Monday, July 13, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It's a relatively kid-free week here at Chez Oski, so Baboo and I are taking advantage of the sitch and resorting to the DINK standbys -- pizza, pasta, salad, and takeout. Oh, and ice cream.

Monday: it's just me, so . . . Trader Joe's green chile cheese tamales and way.too.many Pecan Sandies.

Tuesday:Date Night! Olive Garden, using a gift card we got from Baboo's aunt Bets for our anniversary. Plus a coupon. (Baboo said to me yesterday, "if we do it right, we could get two dates out of that card!!" sheesh, what a romantic.)

Wednesday:Spinach lasagna and garlic bread.

Thursday:Crockpot chicken tacos and fresh fruit.

Friday: Chinese takeout.

Saturday: Grilled chicken salads.

Sunday: White spinach feta pizza with whole wheat crust.

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