Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today's Haul: Walgreens School Supplies

Took myself to the Walgreens to get the crazy cheap school supplies. The haul:

10 two-pocket folders (.90)
1 package Pilot G2 gel pens (1.00)
4 packages Bic highlighters (.49X4-2.00 in coupons) (-.04)

total out of pocket $2.08 (tax included)
with a $1 register reward for buying Pilot pens to use next time I go -- which will be tomorrow, when I spend the $1.00 register reward on 6 packages of Papermate mechanical pencils and spend less than a quarter out of pocket.


The Laughing Idiot said...

Well, look at you go! I've spent about $10 on school supplies, not including a backpack & lunch bag. Our PTO offers a $30 school supplies package that has everything on the school supply list for the grade your child is entering - I'm so glad I didn't buy that!

I'd love to see you at my blog: Life Makes Me Laugh

Beth Dargis said...

Great frugal tips!