Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's the Deal: Today's Haul from Sentry

Here's how today's haul went at Sentry:

4 half gallons dean's over the moon milk
2 bottles Ken's dressing
2 packages Gold'n Plump drumsticks
2 jars Fishers nuts
1 jar Peter Pan peanut butter
1 package Cole's garlic toast
4 packages Hunt's pudding
2 jars Mount Olive pickles
4 packages Lipton rice mixes
2 6-packs v-8
1 can chef boyardee ravioli
1 can chocolate whipped cream
2.5 lbs grapes
1 lb. zucchini

total spent $14.29
total saved in coupons $37.48

this trip took about a half hour, so my hourly wage was about seventy five dollars.

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