Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's the Deal Wednesday: Office Max

School supplies! Woot. Love getting them cheap this time of the season; I stock up for the entire year. This week at Office Max, you can get 2 pocket folders and wooden rulers for .01 each (yes, a penny), filler paper and 10 pack pencils for .10 (yes, one thin dime), and composition books for .50 (yes, two quarters). Also, print this coupon for .01 (yes, a penny) Sharpie markers. Limit of six on the folders, and three on everything else. So let's see:

.06 six folders
.03 three rulers
.30 3 packages filler paper
.30 3 10 count pencils
1.50 3 composition books
.03 3 Sharpie markers.
2.22 total.

you have that much rolling around in your couch, right?

consider, if you believe this to be too much for your needs, the needs of other children whose parents are going through tough economic times. Contact the principal or social worker at your local elementary school -- I guarantee they will be thrilled to get the goods!!

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