Thursday, September 10, 2009

You Sweet Talker: Spectacular Deals on Box Top For Education Products at Pick N Save This Week

Ladies and gentlemen: start your printers.

This week at Pick and Save, beginning today, Thursday, September 10 through Wednesday, September 16, there are SPECTACULAR sales
on Box Top for Education products, as well as a Bonus Box Top promotion. When you buy 10 Box Top for Education products in one order, you receive 50 bonus box tops (a $5 value for your school) and when you buy 15 products in one order, you recieve 100 bonus box tops (a $10 value for your school).

There are also SPECTACULAR coupons in the blue bar on the left side of this blog, for very high value coupons for Box Top for Education products, including General Mills and Cascadian Farms cereals, snacks, and granola bars, Pillsbury biscuits and doughs, Betty Crocker products, Huggies diapers and wipes, Kotex pads and liners, Scott and Cottonelle paper products, and Ziploc products. You can also get high value coupons at

If you wait until Wednesday and take these coupons with you, the first five you hand to the cashier will double in value. This will make some of these products FREE.

Also, if you buy FOUR General Mills granola bar snack boxes (including Chex Mix, Fiber One, and Nature Valley) you will get a FREE coupon for a gallon of milk.

If you're from my kids' school, or you have kids at any school, here's a quick and dirty deal that will get you 6 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of granola bars, 2 tubes of biscuits, 3 boxes of Hamburger Helper, a coupon for a gallon of free milk, and 100 bonus box tops for education (a $10 value for your school) for about eighteen bucks.

Step one: Go to the blue bar and print out 6 coupons for your choice of General Mills cereals your family enjoys. There are coupons for .55 off one, .75 off one, and 1.00 off one selected cereals. While you're there, print off 2 coupons for 1.00 off 2 Grands biscuits, one coupon for .75/3 boxes of Hamburger Helper, and coupons for your choice of four boxes General Mills granola bars, which are anywhere from .50-.60/1 (you'll need four) to 1.00/2 (you'll need two).

Step two: Go to Pick and Save on Wednesday; pick out the six cereals, four granola bars, two tubes biscuits, and 3 boxes Hamburger Helper that match the coupons you have.

Step three: Go to the register. Hand the lady your Pick and Save Card, and five coupons that have the highest value (Ideally, you want to hand the lady 5 coupons for 1.00 off, but make sure you hand the lady the five highest value coupons you have). Let her ring them up. If you have 5 1.00 off coupons, it will take 10.00 off your total.

Step four: hand the lady the rest of the coupons. These will not double, but will still take the face value of the coupons off your bill.

Step five: pay the lady. Wait for her to give you change and your receipts. Check the receipts in your hand. You should have the register tape, one coupon for one gallon of milk, and one coupon for 100 bonus box tops in your hand.

Step six: Eat the food (or donate it if it's non-perishable), send the box tops to school with your kid, and put the coupon for the gallon of milk in your wallet for next week's grocery run.

If you so desire, rinse, repeat. If you don't go on Wednesday, no sweat: your total will be five dollars higher or so, but that is still a screaming deal for all that stuff; about 1.45 per item, including the milk, and you got ten bucks to donate to your kids' school. It's all good and for a great cause. Also, remember to trim the Box Tops off the boxes you got!! And for an even sweeter deal for the PTA, buy Scrip for Pick and Save for a little extra oomph. Your twenty bucks can go a long, long way for Roosevelt or Immanuel this week.

If you'd like to see the other deals you can get matching printable coupons with sale prices at Pick and Save and Sentry, check back often!

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