Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lockdown Budget: Prepping, Physical and Mental

Ten days and counting to lockdown. What have I done to prepare?

1) I went through all the kids' clothes to identify what we would need through December 1. Basically, it's jeans for The Girl, socks and underwear for everyone else. We also need back to school shoes for everyone. I tool The Girl and Swimmo shopping yesterday, so they're all set. We'll take the Leg Puller, Animal, and Book'em this weekend.

2) School supplies: done. See previous deal posts for the month of August.

3) No birthdays in the fam except for Baboo's in late August. I do have a kid gift stash and plenty of wrapping paper for other birthday parties -- though there have been very very few of them since the recession began.

4) Halloween: This will require creativity on my part, but I can make it work. I will have to start early, though.

5) Thanksgiving: food budget always seems to take care of this.

6) Christmas: though technically this is outside the three month lockdown period, I usually begin shopping in earnest right about now for stocking stuffers and the like. I anticipate it can come out of the food budget if it needs to. We do have a head start on this from pre-buying too much in previous years (ahem).

7) We have a system of rewards for behavior and chores which is exchangeable for cold hard cash or other perks around the house. The money, where it is appropriate, will come out of the petty cash fund which we still have available to us.

8) I ordered fleece lined jeans from LLBean to be delivered shortly. They were a preplanned purchase and will come out of the last of my clothing money.

9) The very last of my allowance went toward a stock up trip to Bath and Body Works: there was a buy one get one free sale on this yummy smelling stuff, and a two for twenty sale on this stuff that I cannot live without. I also used a coupon for a free Signature item. I got it all for thirty bucks, and I got a bodacious coupon book with some coupons for a free item with any purchase (yes, that means I can spend a dollar and get a twelve dollar item free twice in the next three months). I should be covered -- figuratively and literally -- on bath stuff, which is my luxury.

10) We will set aside Worm Money for Baboo. Can't go fishin' without worms. Of course, he could dig them up himself, but hey, at least we don't have them reproducing in the basement. Yet.

Am I missing anything?

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