Thursday, August 20, 2009

What's the Deal: Pick and Save August 20-26, 2009

It is a good week for breakfast stock ups at Double Daze next Wednesday, August 26. Get yer coupons ready!!

First, there is a buy eight General Mills cereals, get 10 dollars off your total, plus a coupon that spits out for two gallons of milk FREE!! So basically, gather up all your General Mills coupons (there are many printables in the blue bar on the right hand side for .55 to .75 off one box of various GM cereals). Buy eight boxes of cereal. Scan your Pick and Save card and get ten dollars off the total amount (this comes to 1.25 off per box). Then hand the cashier eight coupons -- only five will double, but that is okay. You will likely end up with 8 boxes of cereal for twelve to fifteen dollars. Pay the nice cashier, and a coupon for two free gallons of milk will spit out of the machine. You can then use that coupon for two free gallons of milk on another transaction that day to get your total up to 25 bucks so that you can double five more coupons. Not a bad deal, I say.

Lots of yogurt available free or cheap with coupons available in the blue bar: fiber one and yo plus are free after you double 1/1 coupons. Gogurts are 1.20 per box after a .40/1 coupon doubles. Yoplait 32 ounce tubs are .69 after a .55/1 coupon doubles; these were also in the paper a while back. Good for adding protein to a breakfast in a smoothie or a parfait (Animal loves parfaits!).

So, it should work something like this:

8 General Mills cereals (average cost 3.69 per box) = 29.52

minus your 10 bucks off when you scan your card = 19.52

minus coupons (average 5 .55/1 doubled, plus 3 .55/1) = 12.37 for 8 boxes of cereal plus a coupon for 2 gallons of milk free.

the next transaction could look like this

2 gallons of milk = 6.50

5 fiber one yogurts = 10.00

fruits, vegetables, and other non-couponable grocery items equalling 10 dollars

your pre-card, pre-coupon total is 26.50

minus your free milk (6.50 off) and 5 1/1 coupons which double (10 dollars off) gives you 2 gallons of milk, 20 containers of yogurt, and 10 dollars worth of fruits, vegetables, and other stuff for which you have no coupons for ten dollars.

In doing two simple, quick transactions, you have essentially doubled the purchasing value of your dollars. Try it, you'll see.

Good luck!

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