Monday, August 10, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Again, few to no kids this week, so we keep it simple:

Monday: leftover spaghetti zucchini bake
Tuesday: nachos with leftover taco-flavored chicken, rice, beans, and white queso sauce
Wednesday: pulled pork sandwiches, potato packets, broccoli
Thursday: French Quarter Chicken pasta (zucchini, shrooms, and whole wheat pasta in a garlic butter sauce), salad
Friday: blessed silence, a glass of wine, and a book. plus, cambezola cheese, fruit, and crackers.
Saturday: maybe date night! or maybe meatballs at Ikea.
Sunday: Whatever the Baboo desires. This is usually homemade pizza with white sauce, basil, spinach, and feta cheese, but he can choose and I will cook.

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