Monday, August 31, 2009

What's the Deal: Free Wonder Bread at Sentry August 31-September 6, 2009

A good week at Sentry!!

First, as I noted, there is a great kraft/nabisco rebate and coupon booklet. Five of the 20 items needed are Capri Sun drinks. Those are on sale with an in-ad coupon this week for 1.48 per box. Buy five boxes and you are 1/4 of the way to a $20.00 rebate.

Dannon Activia yogurt and Danactive drinks are free after a 1/1 coupon; check the blue bar on the side, some of the Dannon coupons have been reset. Also, there are Dannon 1/1 coupons from yesterday's coupon inserts.

If you have 1/1 coupons for California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, they are 4.50 each with in ad coupon, and 1/1 coupons doubled will make them $2.50 each. A nice quick (and yummy) lunch.

Hormel Natural Choice bacon and lunchmeat is 2.49; there are .55/1 coupons floating around which will make them 1.39 each.

All laundry detergent is 3.99; there were 1/1 coupons in the paper a few weeks back, and on double days this makes these bottles 1.99 each. That is a great deal for laundry detergent, especially a "good" name brand like All.

And finally, there are coupons in the blue bar on the right and in yesterday's coupon inserts for .55/1 Wonder Bread. There's also an in-ad coupon making Wonder Bread .99 each. Without doubles, Wonder Bread becomes cheaper than Sentry brand bread; with a double coupon, it is free.

If you are "wondering" (ha) whether I will be taking the Wonder Bread out of the store, the answer is yes. I am stepping up my lunchtime game for the kids, and white squishy bread made into homemade Uncrustables will rock their world. Additionally, feel free to stock up: Wonder Bread freezes fine, as it is indestructible.

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