Monday, August 31, 2009

What's the Deal: Pick N Save through September 2, 2009

A spectacular week for Pick N Save, even if you don't go on Wednesday for double coupon day.

They're clearing out their Staples school supplies; many small items such as single subject spiral notebooks, pencil cap erasers, and other miscellany are .10 each, limit 10. 12 count Staples pencils are 5/1.00, limit 5. Highlighters and index cards are .33 each. Elmer's glue and 24 count Crayola crayons are .25 each, limit 4.

To finish up the Kraft/Nabisco rebate, buy 10 Handi-Snacks and/or Nabisco Snack Sacks at 1.00 each; if you have coupons from the rebate booklet for 1.00/2, you can double them, or just redeem them on their own, or not use coupons at all; you will have completed your needed purchases for the $20.00 rebate and those items will be free after that rebate.

Dannon yogurt is 2.00 for most all varieties this week; pair with this week's coupons in the Sunday inserts to get them for 1.00 each or free if you double them on Wednesday.

Jennie O Turkey Franks are 1.00 per pack; there are .55/1 coupons from the Sunday paper a couple of weeks ago, making them .45 or free, depending on whether you go on Wednesday.

Klement's precooked brats are 3.00 per pack; double a .75/1 coupon from the Sunday inserts a couple of weeks ago and get them for 1.50 each.

By the way, hot dogs and brats freeze beautifully.

Finally, Skippy peanut butter is .98, limit one, and Roundy's lunch bags are .78, limit one.

Canning supplies are 25% off, if you are overrun with cucumbers and need to make pickles (like me).

You're all set for back to school!

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