Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Here's What Forty-Five Bucks Will Buy With Coupons

This is the result of four transactions, two at Pick and Save and two at Sentry. I'll list what's in the picture, and there's more that isn't shown because it's in the fridge, freezer, or storage area already. The grand total for all this, out of pocket, was $43.45. I had just enough to get myself a tall Starbucks iced coffee for my hard work -- but because I'm on lockdown, I din't. *pout.

Two 10 lb. bags kitty litter
One half gallon chocolate milk
Two gallons one percent milk
Four packages Keebler cookies
Three packages Pringles minis
Six lb. apples
One jar kosher dill pickles
Two bottles Pert Plus
One bottle Cascade rinse
One bag spinach
Two four packs Danimal yogurts
One four pack Activia yogurt
Two four pack Yoplait Delights yogurt
Two boxes Hefty storage bags
Two four pound bags C&H sugar
One package Chinet plates
One package Marcal Small Steps paper napkins (note: do not buy the toilet paper. UGH).
One bottle Clorox greenworks laundry detergent
Two Digiorno for One pizzas
Two Jacks frozen pizzas (for emergent dinner situations -- hey, they happen)
Two pounds lean ground turkey
One bottle Dawn dish soap
Two boxes Pop-Tarts (yes, we eat them)
Three boxes Kellogg's cereal
Two pounds bananas
One bag egg noodles

I spent about 30 minutes at each store, and saved 81.44. I also have two coupons for a free gallon of milk to use next week; I also will be able to send for a rebate of $7.99 for the Greenworks laundry detergent, as I posted earlier today.

I'll note a couple of things; first, I always use my "free" coupons to get my total up so I can double coupons at Pick and Save, and I also try to find good deals with coupons over a dollar at Pick and Save as well -- though they don't double, they don't count toward your five double coupons either, so if you have a coupon for $2.00/1 item and that item is close to free or you need it, use that coupon at Pick and Save on Wednesdays.

Second, it's unlikely I would be able to create balanced meals for an entire week out of what I bought today -- but because I have been shopping this way for some time now I can buy only what is on a spectacular sale and perishables and leave the rest on the shelf.

Third, in terms of perishables, we eat very seasonally, so now you will start to see lots of apples, potatoes, and other fall veggies in our menus. If it is on spectacular sale, I will buy it. Otherwise, I freeze and preserve for the off season.

Finally, if I didn't have access to a store that doubled coupons or I didn't have the time or energy to coupon as strategically as I do, my grocery buying strategy would be very different. I will highlight what strategies I think work best for certain types of people in future posts, but suffice it to say that if you are reasonably well organized, have some time to devote to filing, clipping, and sorting, and have an infant or older, school aged children this strategy will likely work well for you.

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Looks like you did great!!!!